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Child’s Skin Falls Off After Being Left in Father’s Care

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There will be justice for Ocean

The death of a child is always tragic and devastating, but it’s even more harrowing when the child was abused in the days, weeks, or even months prior to their demise. It seems unconscionable that an adult would harm a child at all, yet it happens all over the world every single day. In the best case scenarios, there are concerned citizens and social services to correct situation and get the child out of harm’s way, but sometimes those systems aren’t in place. Then again, sometimes children slip through the cracks even with every possible safeguard in place. When that happens, those children can lose their lives at the hands of abusive people.

One family is struggling to get justice after their precious baby was taken away from them. More and more people are calling for the local authorities to do what’s right and put her murderers behind bars.

ocean writing in hospital burn unit

Source: Facebook/Miracle Watson