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Every 7 Seconds a Girl Under 15 Marries

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Save the Children

We’ve written about the frightening reality of child marriage before, and we’ll write about it again.

Across the world, children are bound into marriages—often against their will—at disturbingly young ages, be it for reasons of honor, family wealth, tradition, or even poorly-disguised human trafficking.

Though it’s easy for many to dismiss the notion of child marriage as a ‘foreign’ problem for ‘others,’ statistics show that it does happen in the United States, right in our own backyards. And just as in other countries, this marriage at such a young age, long before the child involved could possibly understand what a commitment it is, has the same adverse effects, and it disproportionately affects girls.

A new study from Save the Children, an NGO dedicated to the rights and welfare of the world’s children, released updated child marriage statistics today, and the numbers will make you realize that this is truly an epidemic.

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Credit: Shutterstock/ Svitlana Sokolova

Here are the numbers