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Children Born Into Cults Share the Moment They Knew They Had to Get Out

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Each of us experiences our reality based on our given (or taught) perspective.

While many of us are lucky to have free and open access to information—whether in books, online, or from other people—that isn’t the case for everyone. For those raised in insular, fundamentalist, or even extremist settings, the outside world may seem like a foreign place. The closer (and more closed) a community is, the easier it becomes for its leaders to spread their version of the truth while demanding loyalty from others.

Nowhere is this more true than in many cults, where members are often subjugated by leadership into following specific terms and conditions. Breaking these may hold serious consequences.

In no case is this more sad than for children brought or born into cults or very insular, extreme communities. Raised to believe that their way is the only way, many of them may face a reckoning should they ever get the opportunity to think or make decisions for themselves. Some of these very people who were able to get out shared their stories with Reddit.

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Credit: Credit: Ivanovich Oleg/Shutterstock; Reddit