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Chinese Teen Sells Herself to Save Her Mother

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Cao Mengyuan is making the ultimate sacrifice for her family.

Cao Mengyuan, a 19-year-old from China, has gone above and beyond to save her family. The teenager recently posted a video to the Chinese social networking site, WeChat, where she explained her dire situation. Her 45-year-old mother, a life-long farmer, is dying of skin cancer and Cao Mengyuan’s family doesn’t have the money to fund her mother’s care.

While selling yourself online is not entirely unheard of, Cao’s story feels different. She’s asking that someone swoop in to save her mother’s life—which would cost about 350,000 Yuan ($50,000 USD). In return, she says, the buyer would get Cao Mengyuan.

Cao Mengyuan Joined Cover Photo

Credit: QQ @Huang Qi-liang via Daily Mail

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