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Chinese Walmarts Are Like Being on Another Planet

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At least you're getting a bargain!

Have you ever heard the expression, “You’ve got to go to Chinatown to get that”? It basically implies that goods purchased in Chinatown are wondrously unique, something you can’t get anywhere else. Why? Because they sell really weird stuff.

Walking through your Chinatown’s bazaar, seeing vendors peddling strange fruit that looks like medieval weaponry or entire animals that you’d consider “pets,” is probably what it would be like to end up on Tatooine on Thanksgiving.

What’s really interesting about the Chinese economy is that it’s really similar to America’s. At a Chinese McDonald’s they have ‘McNoodles,’ which is kind of cool. In their Walmarts, they have giant bins of raw meat, right when you walk in… just hanging out in the open…

Chinese Walmarts have a ton of other weird stuff, too. Check out this gallery for a tour.

ribs at chinese walmart for sale

Source: Imgur/Ascott1992

I wish some of this stuff was in America!