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‘Brady Bunch’ Child Star Fired From Radio Show After Homophobic Rant

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You sure talk funny.

Funny how a lot of kids stop being cute once they grow up.

In the world of Hollywood, there’s something to be said about child stars who can successfully navigate their way to a productive, healthy adulthood. This in itself shows that they have overcome incredible hurtles, often avoiding (or surviving) both addiction and abuse, not to mention manipulation and the terrible price both of fame and stepping away (or falling) from it.

Though you may not know her by name, Susan Olsen is the actress best known for playing the youngest, curly-headed, and pigtailed Cindy Brady on the famed American TV show The Brady Bunch. Now 55, Olsen moved away from acting after the end of The Brady Bunch and transitioned into the world of radio and graphic design; she is also dedicated to animal rights, and she still makes appearances on TV and film.

This past week, however, Olsen’s radio career took a major hit after she was fired from LA Talk Radio’s “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics” program for allegedly going on a homophobic rant targeted at openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting.

She may have been cute when she had pigtails and a lisp, but now Cindy Brady is all grown up and spouting some major hate. But will she learn from her mistake?

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