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Clear Out Your Fridge! These Are All the Products Walmart Is Recalling Right Now

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How safe is your food?

One of the beauties of giant supermarkets and big refrigerators and freezers at home is that we can get tons of shopping done in one fell swoop and then have food at home for days or even weeks to come. Of course, it all depends how you feel about buying frozen foods or freezing them after they’ve been cooked, as opposed to choosing fresh. For many Americans, constantly running to the store or scouting out the newest and freshest groceries simply isn’t possible, whether due to financial restraints or due to the seasons, living in a more isolated region with limited access, or simply due to a busy schedule!

While there is something to be said about the quaint routine of going to a grocery store or farmer’s market regularly for fresh food—this is likely the way your grandparents shopped, and it is still the common way of running errands in many nations around the world—it simply isn’t the way most Americans shop in the 21st century, especially those of us living in a big household. Don’t believe me? Just look at the statistics around buying in bulk or the prevalence of wholesale retailers; these industries have grown enormously over the past decades, as have the standard sizes of fridges and freezers, which allow more space for American families to stock up. Perhaps this has to do with our materialistic nature or the need to be prepared, or maybe it’s just plain convenient! Either way, it’s our currently reality, at least until online retailers take over.

Unfortunately, it feels like you hear about food and product recalls or dangerous food-dwelling diseases almost all the time in the news and online. From small outbreaks to much larger national and international problems, these major threats to our health, families, and society are even more common than you think, and even your most trusted retailer likely has a long list of recalled items at any given moment.

With the current and now-deadly E. coli outbreak coming from romaine lettuce, we got to thinking, what else has been taken off shelves recently?

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