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Combat Clutter! Professional Organizers Share the Most Common Items That Are Cluttering Your House

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Grab the garbage and go!

Do you ever look around your house or apartment and ask yourself: “Where did all this stuff come from?”

Yes, stuff. From the knickknacks bulging out of your drawers to the junk crammed onto shelves, on the tops of dressers, or under couches and beds, so much of our life comes down to the stuff we accumulate. Sometimes, you might not even realize that most of your material possessions are just stuff and nothing more: the clothes we insist on keeping even though we never wear them, old mementos from concerts and events for that scrapbook that we plan on getting to (someday…), even photographs, books, playbills, and paperwork we’re too afraid to throw away because we know the second we do, we’ll need it. But as it turns out, at the end of the day, all of this stuff is really just junk. Does this sound like you?

If so, rest assured that you’re not alone. There are entire organizations and industries built on the very fact that people wind up surrounded by junk, unsure of how it all got there in the first place. In fact, some of these experts—real life professional organizers—gave their best tips of how to tackle this clutter without feeling overwhelmed, and if you focus on these common items, it’s way easier than it seems!

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