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Facts About ‘SNL’ You Thought Were True but Are Flat Out Lies

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Even if you don’t watch Saturday Night Live or don’t think you’re a fan, chances are you’re familiar with some of the show’s most famous and long-lasting jokes that have turned into everyday references and quips over the the past 42 years.

Half the time, I don’t even realize when a joke I hear or use is from SNL in the first place, but all jokes have to start somewhere, and in the course of its decades-long run, it’s no surprise that the sketch comedy and variety show has given us more than our fair share of humor.

Think you know all there is to know about SNL? As it turns out, plenty of accepted “facts” about the show are fiction. Keep reading to learn a little more about this time-honored show.

For starters, the show isn’t always “live”…

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Source: YouTube @Saturday Night Live

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