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Messing With the Queen’s Guard and Other Common Mistakes Tourists Make

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When in Rome...

While it may be true that there’s no place like home, you haven’t lived if you haven’t traveled. And I don’t even mean going to the other side of the planet; I know towns less than an hour away from me in my own state that feel like a different world.

But for those of us who are lucky enough to see the world, it truly is a life-changing experience… for better or for worse.

One of the worst mindsets a traveler can have is that their culture is superior to any other, or that their way of living or doing something is the only way to do it. Culture shock is real and can be extremely difficult to cope with until we are acclimated, but when we travel, we are guests in other lands and should absolutely respect their traditions and customs.

That being said, it’s no surprise that we don’t always know what to expect when stepping off of that boat or plane. Luckily, Redditors from around the world shared the biggest “no-no’s” tourists need to be aware of before traveling to their countries. You just might learn a thing or two and save yourself some embarrassment down the line!

queens guard couple hit england

Source: YouTube/JukinVideo; Reddit