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7-Eleven and Other Company Names That Don’t Make Sense Anymore

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What's in a name?

Everything begins with an idea.

Even the biggest success stories on the planet start with the smallest seed being planted, incubated, and cared for. Most companies, products, and even accomplishments like novels and films are the finished version of something years in the making. Sometimes a masterpiece is the result of an entire lifetime of work.

And of course, sometimes the final results drift very far from the original idea.

In the case of some of the biggest brands, products, and companies on the planet—especially those that have been around for many years—business models and the world as a whole have changed enough that they may not even seem related today to what they were when they started out… for better or worse.

How often do you think about the names of your favorite brands? As it turns out, plenty of the companies we interact with every day have names that have little or nothing to with their strategy today. Redditors pointed out some of the best ones for us, but be warned: You might get frustrated knowing the meanings behind these names and how they don’t make much sense anymore…

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