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Conservatives Are Ditching Their Coffee to Get Back At Liberals

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They're just going to have to buy more...

Victims of sexual harassment and assault are finally speaking out against their high-profile attackers without fear of retribution. However, those who aren’t personally involved in these bad situations are stepping in to add their commentary about it — and it’s leading to consequences that no one saw coming. Bizarre consequences. For example, there’s a few less working Keurig coffeemakers in the world because of inappropriate actions that allegedly took place 40 years ago.

The situation began when the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore was accused of egregious sexual misconduct. The Washington Post reported that a woman named Leigh Corfman had sexual relations with Roy in 1979 when she was just 14 years old. Roy was 32 at the time of the incident and serving as an assistant district attorney.

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