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Cops Tell the Ridiculous Reason They Gave Another Cop a Ticket

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No one is above the law

As children, one of the first things we are taught is to follow the rules. How many times have you told your infant not to eat something, not to pull on mommy’s necklace, or not to throw their food? I’m willing to be it’s constant.

Whether they dictate what not to eat or when to sleep, community rules help to make order out of chaos. Of course, as we grow older adults stop putting us in corners for our mistakes, but following rules never stops being a part of our daily lives; we just call them laws.

From wearing a seat belt to completely stopping at a stop sign, no law is small or insignificant enough to be ignored… according to law enforcement, that is. But what about when they’re off the clock?

It’s an unfortunate fact that some officials let the power go to their head and. Although these individuals would enforce a law while on duty, they think that they’re above them when they’re not working! However, with these noble police officers, rest assured… No one is above the law.

These stories of cops holding other cops accountable for their reckless actions will give you faith that — although it can seem broken — sometimes, the system actually works!

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Credit: : Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock