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People Reveal Their Craigslist Horror Stories

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The sketchy underbelly of the internet

Have you ever used Craigslist?

With such varied categories as job posts, community activities, and personal encounters, Craigslist was started by Craig Newmark in 1995 as a digital version of the standard newspaper classifieds.

Over time, Craigslist became synonymous with easy online sales, but also grew to be well known for the secretive hookup culture it helped build.

Then, in 2009, a string of killings all leading back to Craigslist ads gave birth to the much-feared moniker of “the Craigslist Killer,” and the sites reputation suffered a major blow.

While as popular as ever, Craigslist has maintained a reputation of being somewhat seedy if not outright dangerous, and once you read these Craigslist horror stories, you’ll see why!

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Does your Craigslist horror story live up to these?