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The Craziest Cult Horror Stories of the Last 30 Years

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Beyond Jonestown

If you were asked to name a cult, could you?

While many people are familiar with “drinking the Kool-Aid” and the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, the reality is that cults are quite pervasive in the United States and elsewhere. Large, isolated communities perform archaic or even satanic rituals much more often than you would think.

Cults can even come under the guise of welcoming and seemingly innocent communities, often offering promises of salvation, environmental or humanitarian concern, or even just designed to help improve its members’ self-worth. Of course, the negativity comes in later, often in the shape of sexual abuse, blackmail, or extortion.

Sometimes, people you’d least expect to get caught up in something as deceitful and dangerous as a cult, including many celebrities, were either raised in or joined cults. Have you read about the childhoods of David Arquette, Glenn Close, and Michelle Pfeiffer?

But are all cults as bad as they seem? Not necessarily. These are the true stories of 12 of the most sinister and disturbing cults in the past 30 years, and they’re just as bad—if not worse—than what you’d imagine.

jonestown massacre aerial view

Source: NapalmSmellsLikeVictory/Imgur

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