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People Share the Creepiest Thing Their Amazon Alexa Has Ever Said or Done

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Alexa, can you not?

We get it— technology can be scary.

Even as it becomes more omnipresent for the simplest of tasks in our daily lives, technology continues to frighten some people, much as it has since the early days of science-fiction featuring AI gone wrong (think Metropolis, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or The Terminator).

If you distrust artificial intelligence, you might be especially wary of the growing trend of tech in the home: tiny devices controlling your lighting, heating, even the locks on your doors, not to mention intelligent personal assistants hearing and ‘watching’ your every move.

Over the past two weeks, dozens of reports of the Amazon Echo’s Alexa spontaneously laughing (often in the middle of the night) have taken the internet by storm, so we wondered, what is the creepiest thing people have witnessed their Alexa say or do?

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Credit: Orion Pictures; Reddit