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A Gay Person Against Gay Rights & Other Curious Contradictions

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Your own worst enemy

Not everything in life makes sense.

And while many of us try day by day merely to understand the things going on around us, it’s not unusual to find our efforts are in vain. Though it may be a defeating discovery to some: Not everything has to make perfect sense; sometimes things just are what they are.

Think about a few things you’ve encountered lately that don’t quite add up: kids wearing shorts in the fall, adults wearing sunglasses at night, or women voting for Donald Trump. Contradictions come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as humans have free will, things will remain that way.

After all, who said that all people from the same community have to think and feel the same way? Not all gay people support gay marriage. Not all gun lovers support the Second Amendment. Not all religious people accept every tenet of their faith. Individuality is what makes us thrive, and sometimes we do contradictory things simply for the sake of confusing others. And these people are proof.

Have you ever done something that totally contradicted your identity? Or have you ever met someone that just didn’t make sense in the ways you expected them to?

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Source: Book of Mormon/ Reddit

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