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Customer Finds Terrifying Threat on Receipt After Asking for “Extra Spicy” Thai Food

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Hot enough for ya?

Chances are you know somebody who just CANNOT handle spicy food. Maybe you’re not a fan, or have a friend or family member who won’t go near anything hot. Personally, I haven’t met many people who don’t like a mini squirt of Sriracha in something.

Most of my friends can’t get enough spicy food, whether it’s good and peppery, or the type of white-hot spice that blows right past your taste buds and leaves your whole body on fire. I can see why people like a little kick to their food, but I do not understand why someone would want their meal so absurdly hot that they can’t even taste the flavors of the actual food. But to each her own, I suppose.

Logan Doan of Jacksonville, Florida, belongs to the latter group. His level of spice is so off the charts that he has a hard time convincing restaurants to take him seriously. Now he’s going viral for when he thought his food wasn’t going to be spicy enough for his taste, and the chef took things into his own hands. Even his receipt had a warning on it about the heat level!

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Source: Reddit