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Massive Cyst Getting Removed From an Eyeball

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Warning! Gross images ahead!

Addicted to looking at gross things? Pimple popping, cyst removals, and blackhead squirt videos get millions of views on YouTube and other social media. Professional dermatologists like Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) upload videos of themselves performing procedures because they know we want to see pus squirting and giant cysts being plucked out of various areas of the body.

Just as good (though very unsanitary) are the videos of folks doing a DIY popping at home: They record themselves on their phones, upload it, and get their 15 minutes of (nasty) fame. It’s also hilarious to see their reactions or the reactions of their family members involved… bonus points for dry heaving.

You think you’ve seen it all? Well, this eye cyst surgery is something else entirely, so I’d advise going forward with caution…

eyeball cyst removal surgery

Source: LiveLeak