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Finally, Proof That Women Think Dad Bods Are Sexier

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'Beer bellies are in, biceps are out.'

In 2015, the image of the dad bod blew up online, praising the very average body type that’s been described as “skinny-fat” or a mix of being muscular, yet slightly overweight.

Over time, we’ve seen countless body types and even body parts featured as the preferred shape and size of the era. So while the somewhat hefty look of the dad bod may just be a short-termed craze, new research is showing that there’s scientific and social evidence that the dad bod is not only healthier but more attractive to women as well.

Say what?

Just when you thought society wanted to you slim down that belly and bulk up those muscles, this curveball tells us that a pudgier body might be a significant factor in survival and procreation. Who’s laughing now?

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