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Dad Gets Ultimate Revenge on His Ungrateful Stepdaughter on Her Wedding Day

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Talk about a bridezilla...

If you’ve ever had a friend, family member, or acquaintance get married, you know just how big of a deal it probably was for them.

Though the emphasis is usually put on the bride and our pop culture lexicon has us well versed in the concept of “bridezillas,” a wedding is a huge deal for women and men alike as brides or grooms toil to ensure that their special day is one they will never forget and filled with memories they can cherish forever.

But no one ever said putting together the perfect wedding was easy. For the family, friends, and even the professional team involved, a wedding is an enormous endeavor, and that’s before we even get to, you know, the vows you make for life. From chiseling down the guest list without insulting anybody to choosing the perfect date, booking that magical venue, trying your favorite caterer and cake, and of course, finding that perfect dress, weddings are big productions, and while it’s sure to be a day you won’t forget, rest assured your bank account won’t forget it either!

Between money and all the family drama that can come about whenever a wedding takes place, it’s safe to say that even the happiest of days can have their dark side. That’s exactly what happened to one man who tried his best to give his girlfriend and stepdaughter everything they dreamed for the young woman’s special day. But, like happens in so many cases of people thinking only about themselves, even his best wasn’t enough. What happens when you mix a selfish, ungrateful stepdaughter-turned-bridezilla with a fed up stepdad? It turns out that this wedding day from heck was more than one man could handle.

Oh, it’s definitely a day no one will ever forget, only not for the reason they hoped…

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