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Hilarious Dad Takes Desperate Measures to Fix Family Photo Day

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Any mom's worst nightmare

Where did the idea of the bumbling dad come from? We used to be a society of Mr. Cleavers, and now we’re a bunch of Homer Simpsons. What’s with that? These days, it feels like dads are all about lame jokes. As my boss affectionately put it: To be a good dad, you need to commit yourself to becoming a total loser.

But is that always the case?

One dad knew he was going to be in the dog house when his young son got a hold of the electric razor and buzzed his head… the day before family pictures. He knew his wife was going to have a conniption, but then he took it a step further to fix things… and you can bet she wasn’t happy at all. But could he be up for dad of the year? We think so.

Source: Imgur/Cla55icalLiberal

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