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Dad Goes Too Far Pranking His Young Daughter On Christmas

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Worthy of the naughty list?

Each year, the holidays give us an opportunity to spend quality time with the ones we love. It’s a season of joy, compassion, and giving… unless you’re on the naughty list. For one YouTube-savvy dad from Long Island, NY, he decided that his misbehaving daughter needed to learn a lesson she’d never forget. Naturally, he filmed it too… but did he take it too far?

YouTube user Scotty B. decided he had had enough of his young daughter Cooper’s bratty behavior. He wanted to show her that her actions had consequences so he decided to make her watch as he threw one of her Christmas presents into the fireplace. Obviously, she was not too happy with her dad after he did that.

Some viewers thought it was a just punishment for her visibly inappropriate behavior, but others felt that Scotty may have been too harsh with his prank. Read on and decide for yourself…

presents under tree

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