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Famous “Rooftopper” Daredevil Dies During Stunt Day Before His Planned Marriage Proposal

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This was a loss for so many people

Near-death experiences can change a person’s life, but is it smart to seek them out on a regular basis just for the rush or for monetary purposes? Many would argue it’s not, that the risk of actually dying is too high. Even so, many thrill-seekers undertake these feats and make a living off of doing them. One such daredevil ― a man who made his extreme stunts look effortless ― learned that the hard way. He took things too far one day, and he and his family are paying the ultimate price. To make matters worse, he missed out on a chance to ask his girlfriend to marry him like he was planning on doing right after he completed the stunt.

This tragic tale is making people just like him think twice about the price of stuntman stardom.

wu yongning hanging off building

Source: YouTube/United News International