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Dark Secrets of American History You Rarely Hear About in School

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We’ve all been there. In elementary school, you learn about how wonderful and happy history is. How beautiful the cultures and landmarks of the world are. You see the maps. You hear the languages. You learn about all the great accomplishments of those who came before us. You choose your heroes.

Then middle school rolls around and you start to learn that history has had its darker moments. There were wars, most of which we still feel the impacts of today. Tribes were relocated and killed. Languages and cultures were exterminated. But still, most people in power did their best to move forward together.

By the time you get to history class in high school, you learn the truth. Humans are pretty awful. We fear our differences, we are threatened by dissenters, freedom of speech is a severely limited term, and even your childhood heroes had their dark sides.

Sometimes it’s hard to even keep faith in our own species after we learn about the circumstances that led us to here and now. You turn on the TV and it reconfirms all your fears. Maybe that’s why history isn’t the most popular subject in school.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. Even all those terrible things you learned weren’t the worst facts.

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These are the rarely discussed realities of America's past