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First Date Fail: Guy’s Tinder Date Gets Stuck In Window While Trying To Pick Up Her Poo

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Should've swiped left

Millennials looking for love in the digital age have a double-edged-sword. They can meet a seemingly endless pool of potential dates through dating apps, but in turn this makes many users more picky as they have more options.

Dating services like OkCupid, Bumble, and Tinder make it easy to find someone who wants to meet up that day, but Tinder in particular has found success as the OG “swiping” app. Someone’s photo pops up with very basic information about them and you swipe their photo left for no and right for yes. It is indeed based on initial superficiality, but if you both swipe right on each other you make a “match” and are able to message each other. That’s when you get to find out more about them or see if they just want to come over for Netflix and Chill, depending on one’s intentions.

There seems to be hundreds of blogs about Tinder and the awful dates it has resulted in. A girl getting too drunk and puking on her match. A guy ordering lobster and expecting the woman to pay. They say they are going to the bathroom then bail without a word.

But NOTHING will ever come close to this amazingly bizarre and hilarious Tinder date.

two poops in love drawing

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