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Dear Mr. President: Children Beg Donald Trump to Be Kind

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From the mouths of babes

How much power is there in a letter?

For millennia, humans wrote letters to each other as their primary form of correspondence, composing not only a practical way to get a message across but also making a physical and often sentimental keepsake in the process.

While the art of letter writing may be lost today given our technological advancements and the speed of texts and emails, there is still power in the written word, especially at a personal level, and even more so when the letter is written by a child.

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, many people living in the United States (and around the world) are concerned if not downright fearful of what his presidency could mean for millions of people of all backgrounds.

To melt his heart of ice, schoolchildren from around the country are now writing the president elect letters beseeching him to be kind, have integrity, practice honesty, and show remorse for the many things he has said or done in a final attempt to prevent his horrible promises from becoming actions or executive orders.

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Source: Twitter @McManusAlison

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