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Dirty Adult Jokes in Cartoons That You Definitely Didn’t Understand as a Kid

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When we’re young, a lot of things go over our heads. Which makes perfect sense. As kids, we’re not expected to understand half the things going on around us, whether it’s because it’s a complicated subject we haven’t learned about yet or because it’s an adult theme we’re not supposed to know about. Innocence is bliss, right?

So what’s the deal with all the dirty jokes and adult humor hidden in movies, TV shows, games, and other materials that are specifically made for and targeted at kids?

Did writers and animators do this to give the bored parents in the audience something to laugh at, or did they just slip in these subtle jokes because they were going crazy, being forced to entertain children for the rest of their lives? We may never know, but now that we’re older, the result is both hysterical and disturbing.

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Credit: Pixar

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