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DIY Fails That Are Too Stupid to Not Laugh At

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They should have just not and said they did.

Serious question. And by serious, I mean I want need an answer.

What is it about the Internet that brings out the absolute dumbest in people? Not all people, granted, but I’m going to have to say at least 60% percent. That percentage only grew when DIY became a thing. We’ve all seen it: A few skilled people post their talents in a cute little video, making something really complex look all easy, inspiring others to give it a try. Sometimes it works out. Some Most times it doesn’t.

Now, I’m all about leaving people to their fails in peace. But I feel morally compelled to shine a bright light on these incredible fails… so that they never do it again, of course. These might save you some trouble the next time you feel creative!

snow man cookie fail

Source: Imgur/mimosasaur

May they never try it again.