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Doctors Talk About Patients Who Came in for Small Problems That Turned Out to Be Life Threatening

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The doctor will see you now.

We’ve all heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but we also know that healthy eating only goes so far.

How often do you go to the doctor’s? Experts recommend a yearly visit, even for healthy adults. Those at risk for certain diseases might want to see specialists more often, and pregnant women should be going every few weeks. Really, it depends on your lifestyle and personal/ familial medical history. And why not take an hour out of your day for one small appointment that could change—or save—your life?

For many people, delaying doctor’s appointments may stem from the very fear that something is wrong with them, paradoxical as it may seem. What could be worse than going in for a regular checkup only to find out that something is horribly wrong? Well that’s exactly what happened for these people.

Keep reading to hear the horror stories as told by doctors!

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For these people, a checkup changed everything!