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Boy Waiting for Heart Transplant Gets Special Visit From Chewbacca to Deliver the Good News

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The heart be with you!

Few things in life are harder than knowing your child is sick and suffering. This is especially true when the conditions are life-threatening.

That was exactly the case for Mary Anglin and her young son Austin Eggleston, 15, who was suffering from multiple congenital heart defects.

Not only was his family concerned about his overall health, but once he qualified for a heart transplant, a whole new battle began: finding an appropriate donor. Waiting lists for these kinds of procedures can last months or—the older the candidate gets—years, and patients must pass the time in hospitals or treatment programs hoping their condition doesn’t worsen.

In Austin’s case, however, there was an extremely happy ending featuring one of his favorite movie characters, and now his heartwarming tale is going viral.

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Source: Twitter/LurieChildrens