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15 Seconds of Infamy: Doctor’s Shady Past Revealed After Being Dragged Off United Flight

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Viral controversy turns up skeletons in closet

By now, chances are you’ve heard about the horrible situation developing around the United Airlines overbooking scandal.

In the shocking videos recorded by passengers, you may have watched as 69-year-old passenger Dr. David Dao was brutally dragged off the overbooked plane by airline security amidst screams and protests from other people on the crowded plane. It certainly didn’t help when United’s CEO responded by saying he supported the actions of the security involved, or when the Chicago police stated that the passenger was acting unruly and thus merited being body slammed and dragged off the flight (would you be calm while getting evicted from a seat YOU paid for?).

But now, some disturbing allegations and prior arrests on the doctor’s record are coming to light, and they aren’t exactly the sort of histories you’d want reveled by a national scandal. Regardless of how you feel about United’s poor treatment of its customers, this doctor’s dark past is further proof that in today’s technological world, privacy is a thing of the past.

Source: Twitter @JayseDavid/ @jim_macd

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