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Driving Instructors Share Their Horror Stories From Teaching People How to Drive

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Jesus, take the wheel

Life comes at you fast. It comes at you even faster when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

Think about the most high-stress jobs imaginable. Soldier? President? Base jumper? How about driver’s ed instructor?

Getting behind the wheel even with your dearest friends and family can be a nightmare (or maybe they feel that way about getting into your car). But day after day, year after year, it’s an unimaginable feat (and test of blood pressure) to climb into the car with someone who has never driven before, only to take them onto a highway and try their luck.

Redditors asked driving instructors, DMV workers, and first-time drivers to share their horror stories, and they might just make you reevaluate your own skills on the road.

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Credit: Evgeniy Kalinovskiy/Shutterstock; Reddit