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Police Share the Dumbest Ways People Tried to Escape From the Scene of the Crime

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The ones that didn't get away

The idea of good guys and bad guys is as old as society itself. From the time we play cops and robbers as kids to the sheer obsession with crime we see in our daily lives, be it in the news or in almost every TV show and film, law and order is an omnipresent theme. In fact, our entire existence is built around the enforcement of these basic rules that govern our towns and countries. At the end of the day, it’s how we keep things fair.

But life isn’t always fair, especially not for those who choose to break these rules for their own personal gain. And justice can have a sense of humor, especially when the criminals in question aren’t the brightest in the bunch. Just listen to the ridiculous ways these poor perps got apprehended.

run away from police light up shoes

Source: Pixabay/ Reddit