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Experienced Dungeon Masters and Other Gamers Share Their Best Tips for New Players

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Don't hate the player...

Do you like board games? Or do you think they’re just “bored” games?

The realm of tabletop or even live-action RPGs (role-playing games)—perhaps best encapsulated in Dungeons & Dragons—represents an entire universe of gaming that most people will never experience.

Made especially famous from the ’80s onward, RPGs can constitute adventures and campaigns that can last days, weeks, even decades, so naturally, the commitment you see among dedicated players is a serious one.

Perhaps for this reason, many people are disinterested in even trying their hand at a game for the first time. But as they say, don’t knock it till you try it.

Thinking about trying out an RPG for the first time? Or maybe you and some friends just started and you’re looking for tips on how to have the best experience possible. Dungeon Masters and veteran gamers of Reddit were asked to share their best advice for new players, and this is some seriously good advice.

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