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Viewers Are Furious After Dutch TV Show Asks If Women Are “Pregnant or Just Fat”

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How did this even make it to air?

Imagine it:

You’re four-years-old. You’ve just learned that a woman can get pregnant. Sure, you’re not really sure what that means or how it happens, but you want to know more. You’re in a supermarket and you see a woman with a pronounced tummy. You’ve gotta ask her; you have to know!

So, you do. Then you’re parent overhears, apologizes profusely to the stranger, and pulls you away.

“You never ask a woman if she’s pregnant!” they angry-whisper at you.

Well, apparently, this isn’t something that happens in the Netherlands. Or, it is, but a bunch of execs over at NPO 3 never experienced it, because that’s exactly what they’re doing — on national television — and people are mad. Like, really mad.

Credit: NPO3/3Lab

Oh, game shows — they never fail to incite outrage