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Eel Slap and Four Other Easy Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

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Waste your time in style

What’s the best way to waste time on the internet?

We all know the feeling. Even if we’re not trying to spend too much time online, we stumble upon a cool website or an interesting article and BAM—hours have passed.

Most of the time, this comes from brainless activities that we get absolutely lost in, easy respites that help us escape from our busy, hectic lives and allow us just to go on autopilot for a little while… or an hour or three. Other times, these best websites to waste time will go viral, and it’s not long until it feels like everybody in the world is playing along. But like most fads, these come and go rather quickly.

Are you looking for addictive websites to waste time on today? Look no further.

And don’t forget to keep checking back in to Warped Speed for updated lists of cool websites for when you’re bored!

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