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Elderly Woman Goes Viral With Bathroom Photoshoot

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Squad Status: Golden Girls

We’ve all taken bathroom selfies. We’ve done it by ourselves and we’ve done it with our group (I call that an ussie). It’s pretty much like keeping the ticket stub from a concert you attended. But for an Ottawa teen and her friends, one bathroom photoshoot turned into something a lot more…

It was just your average night on the town for Mahri Smith and a couple of her friends. The teenage Canucks were shredding ice on the dance floor at a local casino when, like many girls their age, they found themselves in front of the bathroom mirror taking pictures. While they were carrying on, an elderly woman who was also in the bathroom decided she wanted to join in on the fun. So Mahri and her friends let her get in on the action and the pictures have the internet feeling “some type of way” about how cool this lady is.

Old lady bathroom selfie

Credit: Twitter @mahrmaid

Funky grandma?