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Embarrassing: People Who Lost Their Jobs Because of Social Media

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Think Before You Post!

Social media has already made such a huge impact on how we interact with one another, but does it need to impact our job? Turns out many companies are keeping close tabs on your posts, tweets, grams, snaps, etc. to make sure you’re always in line with “company policy.” Not a big deal if you have nothing to hide, right?

Wrong! Sometimes your job can pull the rug right out from underneath you with one sour tweet that someone else posted! That’s not all- businesses have utilized social media profiles when considering potential applicants, often taking it in higher regard than their resume!

There’s much to learn about the job market in this hyper-social world we live in. With the help of some savvy Reddit users, we compiled a gallery of examples of how employees go from “friended” to “fired” with the click of a mouse.

you are fired post it

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