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Jealous Boyfriend Has Epic Meltdown at Airport After Learning of GF’s New Salary

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Some people-watching is better than others.

We’ve all been there… Sitting in the airport, already over the entertainment we brought for ourselves before we even get onto the plane. So, we start looking around, trying to gain a bit of insight into what’s going on with the people gathered around us. Some of us may start wishing we were somewhere else.

Typically, airport people watching is only good for a few minutes before you board, but one lucky Twitter user got a full 3-act drama while waiting for her flight recently. Luckily, she live-tweeted the whole affair.

It all started with a discussion over salaries. Apparently, a couple was talking about a new promotion that one of them was due to recieve. Rather than be happy that his partner was moving up in the world, this Random Airport Man was upset because the raise would mean that his significant other was making more than him. Twitter user @MzBat expressed shock over the whole conversation.

“Couple beside me at the airport is arguing over money. He just told her if she loved him she’d turn down the promotion bc everyone would know she’d be making more money than him and he’d be humiliated,” she wrote. “Holy sh*t is that really still a thing? Wtf.”

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