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Ex-Scientologists Reveal Their Stories From Life Inside the Organization

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Breaking Free

It’s normal to be afraid of things we don’t understand.

It’s even more understandable to be afraid of things we don’t understand because they are secretive, vastly wealthy, and embroiled in numerous lawsuits, disappearances, and even deaths.

The Church of Scientology is an extensive system of beliefs, considered a religion by some and a commercial operation or even a cult by many others. Founded by pulp fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the early ’50s, Scientology is a barely understood and highly criticized organization whose followers are deeply dedicated.

But, what about the ones who leave the church? Though considered risky for personal safety, those who have left Scientology have much to say about it, and their confessions only further fuel the rumors and concerns.

scientology confession molestation

Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Reddit

These are their stories