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Fan Theories About ’90s Television That Will Change Everything You Thought About the Show

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There's a theory for everything.

Think about all your favorite shows from when you were growing up. How do you remember them?

With the growth of social media and online forums, one of the best things to happen is a never ending source for discussions and rehashes of things we all experienced in the past. Especially on places like Reddit, these discussions enable us to look back and reflect on things we understood one way at the time while inspiring us to reach new conclusions, all while sharing a comforting sense of nostalgia.

Thanks to the internet, we can relive this nostalgia in myriad ways, from streaming our favorite old movies and TV shows anytime, to reading funny listicles about them, to cracking down on mind-blowing theories.

Here, we’ve collected a handful of the most eye-opening theories about some of the most popular cartoons and TV shows of the ’90s, and they might change your childhood forever!

rugrats angelica fan theory

Source: Nickelodeon/Reddit

What do you think of these theories?