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Fashion Industry Fighting Body Shaming With More Diverse Models

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The fashion industry is notorious for favoring slim body types, whether by employing models who can barely support themselves and further by photoshopping these models down to inhuman proportions. And then there’s the rest of us.

But why shouldn’t the industry prize these unattainable body types over the normal (and healthy) average? After all, many disciplines have their requirements: Football players need to be strong, fast, and large (for the most part), many dancers have to stop practicing ballet if their bodies don’t grow into the height and form demanded, and celebrities are either naturally beautiful, or otherwise they possess a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them stand out from the rest, that, or a killer team of stylists.

Maybe it’s our fault. Instead of merely appreciating people for their innate or hard-earned talents and skills, we prize beauty and grace to the point of marginalizing ourselves. After all, the models we see on the runway, in ads, and on TV have very specific body types that are simply unrealistic for many grown adults. The majority of us can’t even fit into the clothes and styles we see on the runway, so who are these people really modeling for?

As body-shaming becomes ever more pervasive, celebrities and regular people are starting to reflect on the images and expectations we’re projecting.

Now, the fashion industry is making a change.

plus sized fashion models

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This season, realistic body types are in.