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10 Feel Good News Stories You Didn’t Hear Because of Trump Coverage

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In case you missed it...

FAKE news! Enemy of the American people! Biased media! Alternative facts! SAD!

For the past few months, reading the newspaper, watching the nightly news, and even scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feeds has been rough. Unbearable, even.

In fact, if these are the news sources you constantly depend on, chances are you would think we were living in terrible times, and that the entire world was drowning in hate crimes, terrorism, racist acts, and untrustworthy politicians and reporters.

But while the news may be inundated with negativity, there is so much more to the world than that. In fact, in the past week alone, there has been an overwhelming amount of goodness reported across our country and the world. Didn’t hear about it? Don’t worry— we’ve got it here for you!

one armed golfer boy beats champs

Source: YouTube @Inside Edition

There's still hope!