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Firefighters Receive Unexpected Thank You After Saving Piglets From a Burning Barn

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Would you partake in this particular meal?

Back in February 2017, 60 tons of hay in a barn in Wiltshire in the U.K. caught fire. When firefighters from the Pewsey Fire Department arrived, they were informed by the farm manager Rachel Rivers that 18 two-week-old piglets and two sows were still inside. The firefighters leapt into action to save the animals.

“When we arrived at the scene shortly before 10 p.m., half of the barn was on fire, with the pigs sheltering in the corner on the other side. The tough bit was getting towards it and then to free the pigs,” Fireman Mark Hillier said. “Once they were clear, we took a defensive approach to keep the situation under control and then let the fire burn itself out.”

All of the pigs survived, and Rachel was thrilled. So much so that she said she would soon bring a gift of appreciation by the station. They weren’t expecting to have the saved pigs served up though…

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Source: Facebook/Pewsey Fire Station