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People Are Furious at Fisher-Price Over Misogynistic “Yoga and a Smoothie” Comment

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What do toys say about your child?

It’s not uncommon today to hear a lot of talk about gender, but when it comes to toys, inherent sexism has always been a thing.

Think about when you were growing up: Boys played with balls and bats; girls played with kitchen sets. Boys played with action figures; girls had dolls. The boys’ aisle was always blue or red; the girls’ aisle was all pink.

So what? Isn’t it ‘normal’ to raise boys to play with more masculine toys and adventures while girls are left to tea parties and creativity? But does the harm lie in the toy itself, or what the toy teaches our kids?

Well now, major toy brand Fisher-Price is in hot water for, well, doing the same thing they’ve always done.

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Source: Facebook @Gina Zuk Gerber

Here's what Fisher-Price did