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He Almost Got Away With Killing His Wife. Then Police Found Her Fitbit

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We guarantee this guy will think twice before buying another gadget

One man is now the lead suspect in his wife’s murder because well, technology.

We all know that technology has taken us far- in just recent years alone. A person is able to order groceries online, get directions by typing in an address to their mobile device, and even get answers to any of their burning questions. Add tracing your steps to that list and you’ve pretty much got a tracking device at your disposal.

But what happens when modern innovation betrays us, revealing details about our lives and private doings that we would much rather have kept a secret?

Just ask Richard Dabate who is the center of some pretty serious investigations going on right now involving his wife’s murder. It seems his story doesn’t match up with the digital data obtained from his wife’s Fitbit and police have the data to prove it.

Credit: Mark Mirko/AP

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