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Flight Attendants and Crew Share the Secrets of Flying We Wish We Didn’t Know About

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Fly the Filthy Skies

What the passenger doesn’t know won’t hurt them… right?

Flying may be the most convenient form of medium-to-long-distance travel for those able to do it, but like all semi-public transportation, it comes with its risks. And I don’t mean crashing.

Humans may be the most elevated species on the planet, but we’re still pretty disgusting. Nowhere is this more true than on any form of mass transit, especially when you’re stuck in the same tiny seat for hours on end, only for an entirely new group of passengers to board 30 minutes later, on repeat, for days to come.

While it’s nice to think cleaning crews rush in after every single flight and deep-clean every surface, that simply isn’t always true. Flight attendants and crew members of Reddit were asked to share their weird and dirty secrets about air travel, and it’s even worse than you think.

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Credit: smoderek/Shutterstock; Reddit