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Forms of Charity That Really Do More Harm Than Good

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*Thoughts and Prayers*

What are you doing to make the world a better place?

When you stop to really take a minute and think about it, we’re pretty lucky to be here. Sure, some of our situations are much worse or far better than others’, but the fact that we are living and breathing is reason enough to be grateful. So it’s only natural that we should be giving back in some way, shape or form, big or small, whenever possible.

So what do you do to help out? Perhaps you’re the best family member that you can be, or the type of friend everyone knows they can count on. Maybe you tutor English to immigrants, or donate blood regularly. Maybe you’ve even traveled domestically or abroad on service trips to help communities in need. Even the smallest of kind actions can have enormous impacts on others.

In our ever-connected world, you’ve likely seen someone post on one form of social media or another promoting a charity, asking for help, donating to some fund or another, or maybe just humblebragging about a random act of kindness.

Unfortunately, for all the good it might do, charity works are a tricky business, and it’s often hard to know exactly where your time, energy, money, and yes, even your blood, are actually going. Sadly, some forms of charity can do more harm than good. Here’s how.

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