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When Fox News Uses an Image of a Gay Couple to Promote Traditional Marriage

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Classic Mixup

Good old Fox News has a special way of making itself look extra biased on many of the stories it covers. The reporters have actually said things like “I don’t believe in fossils” or, as our president-elect said, “It’s freezing and snowing in New York—we need global warming!” Sometimes it feels downright ridiculous that they are even considered a news source. But hey, that’s a problem many media sources are facing today.

True to their fashion, the people at Fox made themselves look even less credible by trying to bash gay marriage a while back, only to mistakenly use a picture from a gay wedding as an example of a “traditional marriage.” I mean, do they even research anything they publish anymore? That’s like saying “Make America great again” while implying that women earning next to nothing or Jim Crow laws were actually good in the first place. As if anyone would ever do that and get away with it. Oh wait…

Keep reading to see what Fox News did to make themselves look even more unacquainted with reality.

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This Fox News opinion writer overlooked one teeny, tiny detail!